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Brett Doherty


Brett Doherty began his career in the culinary arts at the age of 15 and quickly grew into corporate management. At 21, Brett moved to the front of the house and worked under one of several important mentors in his life, Harry Lewis, the founder and owner of Hamburger Hamlet. Under the Mr. Lewis' tutelage, Brett became exposed to a large corporate structure that has continued to influence him to this day. Brett's first GM position came as the opening GM at Kate Mantilini, a new concept developed by the Lewis Family. Brett was hand selected by the family to oversee their new flagship restaurant. 

Brett's next opportunity came as a multi-unit manager of a local Mexican restaurant chain. This helped inspire Brett to take on larger challenges in his professional life that included two other mentors and opportunities. 

The first came as Director of Operations of the Chaya Restaurants working under Owner Yuji Tsunoda and Chef Shigifume Tachibe. This exposed Brett to Japanese/French fusion cuisine and enlightened him to Japanese management techniques.

The second great influence came in late 2000, when Brett joined the Patina Restaurant Group and served as Vice President of Operations and Development under acclaimed chef Joachim Splichal. Brett aided in the growth and development of a one hundred million dollar corporation that has helped define food and service in California.

During his tenure with the group, Brett spearheaded the aggressive expansion of the Patina Group to include 19 new unit openings and the addition of $60 million in sales during a 5-year period of growth.

After serving the Patina Group for seven years, Brett took on the challenge of assisting restaurateurs in achieving their dreams and business growth with the inception of The Hospitality Collective, a boutique hospitality consultation firm serving as a management consultant and management services partner in the food and beverage industry. The Hospitality Collective has grown into a successful firm that currently represents restaurants and hotels in consultation and full service management throughout the United States.

In addition to overseeing The Hospitality Collective, Brett joined the management group of the Colony Palms Hotel and Purple Palm Restaurant in 2008. Located in Palm Springs California, Brett oversaw all food and beverage operations and assisted with the

management of the hotel operations. In 2010 Brett joined the partnership of Pacifica Hospitality Group, a management company that services the boutique hotel industry that currently oversees several California based hotels.

In the spring of 2011, Brett partnered with Kevin Michaels and the Killer Shrimp Restaurant Group to re-launch Killer Shrimp Marina Del Rey, the Killer Café concept in 2012, The Mermaid Hermosa Beach in 2013 and Killer Shrimp Hermosa Beach in August of 2014. As COO, Brett oversees all operations and assists in the development for the company.

In 2014, Brett and partner Kevin Michaels purchased the famed Hollywood legend, The Hamburger Hamlet. The duo embraced the brand and reopened the restaurant in September of 2014 with an entirely new menu and quality, preserving the classic items, service, and feel that the original Hamburger Hamlet fans have longed for since their memorable years. They plan to expand the brand and bring back the loved Hamburger Hamlet to many of its original cities.

Currently, along with his partners at the Hospitality Collective, Killer Shrimp and other entities under the Collective’s management and ownership, the collective continues to grow and assist entrepreneurs in achieving their dreams and expanding their visions.

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Our Team: Team

The Team

Where the Passion Begins

The Hospitality Collective is a team of professionals in the food & beverage industry all with a passion to succeed in the hospitality industry and help others reach their goals.

Jennifer Berman

Lead Consulting Associate

With over 20 years of Hotel and Restaurant Experience, Jennifer is an expert in Hospitality and is our Lead Consulting Associate supporting;
Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Catering, Logistics, Operations and over all bottom line efficiency.

Theresa Tiwari

Consulting Associate Human Resource & Payroll

With over 10 years of Human Resources and Payroll experience in the restaurant industry, Theresa understands the importance and challenges of maintaining strong HR values within a restaurant.

Matt Dickson

Consulting Associate

Culinary & Operations

With over 20 years of experience, Matt continues with a thriving career in many aspects of culinary services. The Hospitality Collective has worked with Matt for years as he always offers a motivated, result-oriented collaboration, that supports success in the back of house.

Jill Perlmutter

Consulting Associate

Service & Training

With over 27 years of experience, ranging from managing, serving, bartending to special events.  Jillian’s primary focus in hospitality is "Service" where menu knowledge is "key".

Gregorio Morales

Consulting Associate

As a supportive Food & Beverage Accountant, Gregorio specializes in implementing structure and accounting practices in restaurants to provide maximum efficiency and tracking.

Danielle Whittaker

Consulting Associate Local PR

Danielle comes to us with both Agency and Independent PR experience.  As a LA native, she has built strong relationships with the Local PR Teams and has become an expert in her field.

Mr. Gold

Consulting Associate
Beverage & Operations

Mr. Gold's is a full service beverage company working with others to create the ultimate cocktail experience.  There knowledge for beer, wine and spirits will make any restaurants wine list both successful and profitable.

Lawrence Moore

Restaurant PR, Marketing, Social Media

Lawrence Moore & Associates is a Public Relations and Marketing Agency that specializes in Restaurants, Nightlife and Lifestyle. LM&A works with each client individually to better serve each client's needs in the best possible way.

Our Team: Team
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